Enhance your Basecamp
with Blesk features

Make work with Basecamp more visual in just five minutes
We love Basecamp. This is a great project management tool, but unfortunately not very visual. It doesn’t give a general picture of what is happening with projects and doesn’t show how busy the employees are. Blesk solves this problem.
Timeline displays all tasks
We show you visually what your team works on

Case monitoring

Your projects and team on one diagram. You can immediately see the current state of affairs and planned work for the near future. It’s clear whether it’s possible to take new projects with no risk of missing deadlines. When to strengthen sales, change prices or increase staff.

Load balancing

Even workload is the key to success for those who sell their employees’ time. Blesk shows who of your teammates has time slots and who works at the breaking point. Your projects won’t fail due to overlaps with resources and won’t lose money on team downtime.
Blesk will help to see and easily adjust plans, after which the changes will automatically displayed in Basecamp. There are different zoom options to look at tasks from the side or in full detail.