Blesk and Trello integration
Import your Trello cards into any project in Blesk, easily arrange them in a schedule and assign employees. New task dates will be automatically exported to Trello.
Step 1
Go to any project. Click on the link "Import from Trello".
Step 2
Allow integration with Blesk. Select the board and columns. Tasks will be imported to backlog.
Step 3
Arrange the tasks in order to complete them.
Step 4
Dates of the tasks automatically will be updated in your Trello desk. Profit!
Blesk — the easiest way to visualize the project plan and schedule the work of the whole team
Create a work schedule for your team so that
all work is done on time and without overloading.
For Managers

The overall picture of the production load helps to make management decisions in time: to change prices, to activate sales, to focus on a certain service or to increase the team.
For Teamleads

It is convenient to make up a work plan for the months ahead; it is easy to adjust it, daily distribute tasks between developers and, if necessary, attract additional resources.
For Salespeople

Information about the current load of the team helps to take new projects without the risk of disrupting the timing of their production. So there are fewer difficulties with the delivery of the project and more repeat sales.
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