Work on your projects without downtimes and overloads

Easy-to-use service for planning teamwork
See workloads and availability times of each team member at a glance. Tune priorities, calendars and easily update plans by shifting tasks to different dates.

Blesk uses color schemes, reflecting workloads of each team member. It helps optimize task assignment and avoid overloads.

Use unlimited area to arrange your tasks, group them, use color tags and share the results with colleagues or clients.

Get a bird’s eye view of your team performance. See how many projects there are, how busy they are, locate bottlenecks and optimize tasks.

You don’t have to move all of your team to Blesk or stop using the services you already got used to. Visualize your plans and transfer them to your favorite task tracker.

Import Trello cards to Blesk projects. Arrange them based on your team workload. Assigned deadlines are automaticaly updated in Trello.

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For teamleads
You can easily plan work for months ahead and manage daily tasks as well as anticipate if you’re going to need additional resources.
For managers
Planning your teamwork ahead will help you drive sales, adjust prices and provide just the right service or adjust your human resource in just the right time.
For sales
Information on team capacities helps sales commit to new projects without risks of missing deadlines.
Teams of up to 3 members
Teams of more than 3 members*
per add-on member
per month
*Price shown is for 1 additional person. For example, if you have 4 members in your team, you need to pay $4 per month; for 5 members — $8 per month.