We show you visually
what your team works on

Time management tool for your employees designed as a timeline
Timeline displays all tasks visually so you can track your team’s workload at a single glance. It lets you see the entire workflow immediately and figure out who of your teammates has time slots and who works at the breaking point.
Timeline displays all tasks
Create and edit tasks simply. Different types of scales to check tasks in general or in detail. Deadline control.

Work without downtime and overload

Even workload is the key to success for those who sell their employees’ time. Blesk shows the workload of each teammate. It helps to divide tasks considering the length of a workday, weekends and holidays.
The app helps to plan new tasks and lets monitor the availability of employees. When the new project is up, one just needs to look at the graph to find the teammate with the least workload.

A bunch of projects at the same time

Shift your plans from spreadsheets, boards with stickers and Gantt charts to a vivid, visual timeline. Let each teammate see what he of she and all the colleagues are going to work on at present and soon in the future.
Develop a plan of each project and then put together the general schedule of your team. Resolve conflicts between projects. Merge tasks in groups, paint in different colors, share the results with co-workers and clients.


You can integrate Blesk with your Trello and Basecamp. It lets to get additional transparency while working on tasks as well as staying loyal to favorite tools. These two web apps operate task boards and don’t provide the entire task concept a week or a month ahead. Blesk helps to improve it.

Integration with Basecamp

Import chosen projects, estimate workload and plans on them, shift tasks. Deadlines change in Basecamp automatically. Details

Integration with Trello

Import boards and tasks you need. Arrange them on a timeline according to a team’s workload. Deadlines change in Trello automatically. Details

For teamleads

Easy work planning months ahead, assigning daily tasks and involving additional resources.

For managers

Team’s work plan helps to reinforce sales in time, revise prices, set a stress on a particular service or change staff.

For sales

Accurate information about team’s workload helps to sign new projects with no risk of missing deadlines.