Resource planning for project teams
Schedule your team faster and clearly
Do you do several projects at the same time? Then you know that the peculiarity of the project work is the uneven flow of tasks. For various reasons, the projects can change, be postponed, take a break or overlap each other. You have to constantly balance the load so that the team always has enough work, but does not spend nights in the office.
      How does Blesk help with that?
      We have ensured two complementary ways of displaying tasks, as well as tools to optimally distribute them among employees.
      Team view
      Team schedule allows you to understand at a glance for what period employees are loaded, who to add work, and who to unload. It is easy to take into account weekends and holidays. It is easy to adjust the plan by moving tasks to new dates or changing their duration.
      Project view
      By assigning tasks and switching to the project view, you get a simplified Gantt chart for all your projects. Now you can compare the project deadlines based on the team's capabilities with the deadlines in the contract and move the tasks again.
      Load markers
      Having automatically summed up the tasks assigned to the employee, the service displays colored markers showing the degree of his/her loading for each day. This helps to distribute tasks optimally and avoid overloading.

      Discuss priorities

      Use the schedule when salespeople discuss future work plans with team leads. Change the order of work on projects depending on the priorities (for example, financial). Operate with both current tasks and planned tasks.
      Work independently

      Blesk does not require to invite your colleagues to the service and does not force to abandon the usual tools of management and control. Structure your plans with its help, and then carry the results over to your favorite task-tracker.
      Connect Redmine

      Connecting Blesk, you will clearly see how things are in the projects. It is much easier to plan resources visually than to deal with many tasks in the text form. Make the necessary changes, after which they are automatically updated in the Redmine.

      For Managers

      The overall picture of the production load helps to make management decisions in time: to change prices, to activate sales, to focus on a certain service or to increase the team.
      For Teamleads

      It is convenient to make up a work plan for the months ahead; it is easy to adjust it, daily distribute tasks between developers and, if necessary, attract additional resources.
      For Salespeople

      Information about the current load of the team helps to take new projects without the risk of disrupting the timing of their production. So there are fewer difficulties with the delivery of the project and more repeat sales.
      Your team is less than 5 people
      Your team of 5 to 15 people
      Your team of more than 15 people